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What The New School Online M.A. In Media Studies is NOT

With so many online Universities advertising on the Web for various online degrees, I thought it worthwhile to mention what the online M.A. in Media Studies at the New School is NOT. First, The New School is not a for-profit online University. It is not like the University of Phoenix, for example. It is an established University with its campus in the heart of the famous Greenwhich Village in mid-town Manhattan. The history of The New School, formerly known as The New School for Social Research, and also formerly known as New School University, was originally established in 1919. During the Nazi occupation, the German academics left Nazi-occupied Frankfurt, shut down the reknowned Frankfurt School, and moved to NYC. There they established what they called The Frankfurt School, breathing new life to the former Frankfurt School in the new world. When the World War ended along with Nazi occupation, the German academics returned to Frankfurt to reopen the Frankfurt School. Subsequently, the Frankfurt School of the new world was christened The New School for Social Research and today, it is simply The New School.

More details about The New School's history can be found at

The first program of its kind in the world, The New School’s Master of Arts Degree in Media Studies was founded in 1975 by Marshall McLuhan's colleague, John Culkin. The M.A. became available online in 2003.

Excerpt on the M.A. in Media Studies:

Master of Arts in Media Studies

"Some media studies degrees emphasize theory. Others focus on production. The New School's Media Studies master's degree is one of the few in the country that allows you to integrate coursework in media theory, media production, and media management. Whether you're a social activist producer or media manager, a filmmaker or media theorist, a web designer or a media writer, this degree program will help you put theory into practice, guided by a faculty of media professionals from all walks of academic, artistic, and commercial life, who strive to be humane and thoughtful citizens in an increasingly mediated world. In an era defined by rapidly changing information and communication technologies, your master's degree in Media Studies can give you the competitive edge you need to break through the noise."

The M.A. in Media Studies of the Media Studies and Film Department is housed under the umbrella of The New School, called The New School for General Studies.

What The New School Online M.A. in Media Studies is NOT is a for-profit online degree. It is the same degree that's been taught on The New School campus since 1975. The online M.A. was created and allows students from all over the world to attend classes through the University Portal in NYC. Of course, students who wish to continue attending courses in the traditional manner may attend on campus.

Contact Information:
Department of Media Studies and Film
70 Fifth Avenue, 12th floor
New York, NY 10011
phone: 212.229.8903 fax: 212.229.5357

Key Contact Person for Announcements for Internships, Student Assistantships, Events, etc.
Tony Laing
Senior Graduate Student Services Coordinator

Who to contact in the Media Studies and Film Department.

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