Monday, October 05, 2009

Welcome to the Social Media Revolution!

Dear Potential/New Grad Student,

Since I graduated from the M.A. in Media Studies program in May 2007, I will not be posting on this blog as regularly as I did while I was a grad student (i.e., on a daily basis). I will continue to share as I find useful information regarding the new Social Media that I feel would be of interest and useful to potential or new grad students entering the M.A. in Media Studies program at The New School. Also, I would be happy to continue to answer any specific questions I receive via email. I would also love to continue to post your questions on this blog, with your permission, of course. I think they would be very helpful and insightful to other grad students. Your name will be held in the strictest of confidence and will remain anonymous.

Please send any questions you may have regarding the M.A. in Media Studies program at The New School, including any questions you'd like to know about my personal experiences while I was a graduate student in the program. I will answer your questions personally, thoroughly, and thoughtfully to help you as much as I can.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog since the first entry was posted on July 17, 2006. I only wish I had started blogging years sooner, in 2004 as a matter of fact, shortly after I was accepted into the program. However, online social media was still new at the time and as a new student, it was unfamiliar territory until 2006 as I approached graduation and took Pofessor Robert Berkman's Digital Dilemmas course. I learned a LOT about online social media from that class. Excellent course, by the way, and highly recommended. This was, of course, before Facebook was as popular as it is today, and long before Twitter came into fruition. Wikipedia, blogging, and were the mainstays for online social media, which was still called Web 2.0 at the time. And LinkedIn was just starting to gain a foothold in Web 2.0. Since then, so much in online social media has evolved and I am grateful for my graduate education in Media Studies with specialization on the Web and Web 2.0. It's helped me intelligently stay attuned and keep abreast of the latest changes of Web 2.0 and to stay right on top of the exciting changes brought about with the remarkable evolution of Social Media. These rapid changes in how we're able to connect as a global village and to stream and share information live, in real time, to anyone in the world with the touch of a key is very exciting!

Welcome to the Social Media Revolution!

Best regards,
Graduate Student-Insider