Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Very Fond Farewell and Best Wishes to Our Own Tony Laing

Tony Laing, MPA
Senior Graduate Student Services Coordinator
Department of Media Studies and Film
The New School

Our very own Tony Laing, Senior Graduate Student Services Coordinator, is moving to Boston and accepted a position at Massachusetts College of Art as the new Diversity and Programs Exchange Advisor. His last day at The New School will be on Friday, August 25th.

In my lifetime, I have met and gotten to know many people. There are the star performers who put in just a little bit of extra effort and sometimes a LOT of extra effort in their jobs because they want to do a great job or get ahead not just in their jobs but also in life. And then there are those who won't put in just a little bit of extra effort and stay where they are in life.

Tony is definitely a star performer. He puts in the extra effort in his job and in his dealings with students. His efforts shine through and become obvious immediately to any one who's had the honor of interacting with him. He goes the extra mile for every one -- something that is rarely found today.

While we are all sad that you are leaving, We are also very happy for you and wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor! I know they'll love you at the Massachusetts College of Art as we do in the M.A. in Media Studies Program at The New School! They are very lucky to have you.

We think the world of you and we'll really miss you. Thank you for all of your help these past two years. You've helped me feel connected to the program and to the University.

Tony, You're da bom!

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