Wednesday, September 13, 2006

As Luck Would Have It

"Do the right thing and help others whenever you can" has been my mantra all my life. It's helped me live life with a purpose. I was also told by a dear friend that what you give is returned three-fold. I think there's a lot of truth to that. It's also been called Karma, I believe. I've helped a lot of people in my life, and been kind in return to those who have not been so kind. And I've noticed that some good things have happened in my life very recently, especially with regard to my efforts in adding a crucial class that applies to my Media Management Certificate. If I had not been able to add this class, I would have had to stay another semester and paid a lot more money.

I was so lucky in that I was able to add Competitive Strategies with Professor Warner on August 31th. The class was closed on April 19th during registration for the fall 2006 semester. I tried on the first day of open registration on August 30th and kept trying all day unsuccessfully. Thinking I likely wasn't going to add the class because it likely wouldn't be dropped by anyone, I took comfort in the fact that I had a plan B. But as luck would have it, someone dropped on the following morning of August 31st, and I captured the class.

Because I was so lucky, I decided not to hoard the other classes I had signed up for on April 19th -- classes I would have loved to take but which would not have helped me complete the Media Management Certificate -- classes I would have paid a lot of money for. I let go so that another student would find the same luck I had. I am certain someone got lucky and was able to add Visual Storying with Sharri Kessler -- a course that's only taught online -- a course that was full almost immediately on April 19th. I'd like to know the name of the student who got lucky and added that course.

Looking back, I still don't regret letting go knowing I probably made another graduate student's day. It's always good to learn to let go when you need to, and not to hoard things. Not just material things as I mentioned not being a pack rat in last week's post, but not to hoard things that could benefit someone else.

As luck would have it, open registration closed on September 1st, at which time thereafter, any courses added or dropped must be done in person on campus in NYC. I live in San Francisco. It would have required the approval of Professor Berkman, the new online Advisor. And the approval of someone else. With Tony Laing no longer our Senior Graduate Student Advisor, the process would have been a bit more complicated. I'm so glad I opened up that one position so another student could benefit and take it. No regrets. None. :)


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