Friday, September 29, 2006

To Set The Record Straight: Grad Students are NOT Lazy...

I thought it interesting that someone found my blog by typing in "Grad students are lazy" on Google and connected to my post entitled, "The Last Few Lazy Hazy Days of Summer." Uhhhh...I think we're too busy to be lazy. I just want to set the record straight that on the contrary, graduate students are NOT lazy. At least I know I can say for myself that I am NOT lazy as a graduate student working full-time. Nor can I honestly imagine that any of my colleagues in the M.A. in Media Studies program at The New School are lazy as well. We don't have time to be lazy.

Most grad students work full-time and some may also have a family. It's a tricky juggling act to balance work, family and grad school. For these reasons, many graduate courses on campus are taught in the evenings to account for this, or asynchronously through the online M.A. in Media Studies at the New School. For the first year and a half into the graduate program, I was working full-time and and I was in grad school full-time and maintained a 3.9 GPA. If I were lazy, I don't think I would have maintained the GPA nor lasted through grad school. The M.A. in Media Studies program is rigorous.

Some graduate students take a combination of on campus and online courses, and some are strictly on campus or strictly online grad students. One student in a class this semester was on campus in NYC and moved to Los Angeles for a job. She has continued with the M.A. in Media Studies by attending courses strictly online. One student travels frequently and has logged into class at airports. We're not lazy...not even close. Just very busy!

One of the great advantages of the age of the Internet -- we can take the classroom with us anywhere we are in the world. Truly remarkable how mobile we are worldwide in our global virtual classrooms! :)


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