Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Flu Season...Protect Yourselves Grad Students

I haven't had the flu in over 8 years. Yes, it's true. Over8 years. No sore throat, no coughing, sneezing, running nose nor achy body in that long period of time. I rarely ever get sick and when I do, it's usually just a mild cold and I only feel tired for usually just a day with mild sniffles. And I snap right out of it.

The Big Guns
But there's a nasty strain of virus circulating very recently and I was not immune to it, unfortunately. It completely caught me by surprise. It starts with a bad sore throat, then slowly takes its course with a runny nose, chills, then fever, then you feel just awful, and then the terrible cough. It sounds like the FLU...and a very nasty one at that.

Homeopathic Medicine
I used homeopathic medicine and almost immediately I started feeling better. I am just sorry I waited 5 days before taking it. I am a firm believer in homeopathic medicine -- they work immediately without drugs or side effects. Boiron is one of the most trusted names in homeopathic medicine. You can purchase their products from their website directly or at Whole Foods and most health food stores.

Preventive Measures
If you haven't caught this nasty virus, you're lucky, but don't push your luck -- protect yourselves. Start loading up on Airborne and Vitamin C, get plenty of rest and sleep at night, and drink plenty of fluids.

Take Care of Yourself
Exercise regularly and eat right, and stay away from sugar as it lowers your immunity by weakening your immune system, making you more vulnerable to viruses. And watch your stress levels. Qi Gong is great for managing stress. It's a great meditation and relaxation exercise that uses deep breathing and slow flowing movements to help your body relax and self-heal. And as soon as you can, buy yourself the Boiron Cold CareKit to keep handy.

Avoid Relapse
As soon as you take the homeopathic medicine, you'll feel so much better instantaneously that you'll think you're fully recovered and you may even run around town on errands, etc. You'll come home and feel awful. Stay home and rest or you'll relapse, even if you're feeling much better. This is a hardy virus and will take some time to fight off and get over. Better to rest as much as possible for as long as possible until your immune system has completely fought the bug. In due time, it will go away. Just rest so you body can do its job.


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